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caron simply soft yarn color chart

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Hi everyone its.Sophia. We’re going to be checking out simply soft by Karen. This is the yarn I’ve used a couple of times and I enjoyed using it and I have here several colors it comes in a lot more colors I have here a project that I’ve made in the past. This is kind of like an orchid color and a muted purple and then I have here two skeins this is called ocean its kind of like a deep teal color very pretty color and this kind of lighter springy green is called Pistachio.

So there are a lot more colors that you can get with this yarn and I will show you the spectrum here. Each scheme of the Caron simply soft has 315 yards or 288 meters so you do get a good bit per skein of this yarn and the net weight is 170 point 1 grams or 6 ounces the yarn is 100% acrylic it does have a very nice softness hence the name simply soft and if you look closely it has a nice kind of shiny you can see it more over here a nice Sheen to the yarn as well.

So it is a little bit of a shinier yarn and it is machine washable and dryable just as a side note I always feel like yarns that are machine washable and dryable make great candidates for gift-giving because a lot of the people we give these items to don’t necessarily have. The fancier wool washes or the blocking mats or even the time to do this like we like to spend well on our handmade pieces so it is it does make a good candidate for gift pieces so they can just toss it in the wash and not really have to worry about it.

I also like machine washable and dryable yarn for kids projects because kids take these items to school or to daycare they drag them on the ground so it is nice to be able to very quickly toss things into the washing machine for the oh in addition to the yarn we this is classified as a for a medium for just so you know and the crochet is for the crochet is out there it’s recommended that you use a five millimeter us H crochet hook for the knitters they also recommend a 5 millimeter but a knitting needle whether that be straight double pointed circular needles or what have you and that’s aus 8 so flip this back around.

There is a free pattern on the label this one has a really pretty kind of chevron blanket so you do get all a pattern with this they’re calling this the zigzag think it is the crochet pattern and then the other ball of yarn that I have it has a really nice that they’re calling this the textured hat so you do get a free pattern with your yarn purchase which is really nice and they do even though the hook size is the use this pattern recommends an eye hook.

And this pattern recommends in each of so that indicates me that you can experiment a little bit with this yarn and the hook sizing so to conclude our yarn 101 the Caron simply soft is an easy to care for easy to work with yarn that comes in a lot of colors it has a very pretty sheen and a very nice softness to it so that’s it I hope that in your craft store travels that this gave you a little bit more information in case you’re wondering about this yarn.

I do frequently get questions about yarn so hopefully these videos help and that’s it please if you’ve used this yarn before please share in the comments below or if you have any other questions be sure to share that information as well thanks so much for watching and be sure and click the subscribe button to get all the latest fiber flux video updates thanks again

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