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Knit Slouchy Beanie Straight Needles

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Hey, guys today we’re going to be making a kind of a last-minute gift idea. It’s a hat pattern we are using purpleheart yarn. I’m using purpleheart yard feel free to use anything you’d like. It is a cotton yarn I have my emitting needles they’re from my knit affair and I have some scissors and you can also get a tapestry needle but you won’t need that for a while so we’re starting off by our Slipknot and casting on sixty stitches.

I guess don’t sixty stitches and the Hat ended up being a little too big for me but I have a very small head so you can cast out as many stitches as you need I’m also working this flat also be aware that it will stretch a little because we’re making a band okay okay so I think that’s all the information. I need to give you so for the first row we’re good now that we have our stitches cast on as you can see we are going to start our first row we’re going to start with a rib stitch or a pet a rib pattern a band for our hats now.

If you are a beginner or if your you cast out your stitches really tight I would suggest knitting the first row for a lot of my projects. I just knit the first row anyway it’s a really good tip that I learned but on my own reality because my stitches are always so tight. So here I am just knitting the first rope and if you don’t want to you can just go ahead with the rib stitch and the rib stitch is just a knit 1 purl 1 pattern so you just repeat that and it’s the same for each row as long as long as you have even number stitches.

Okay yeah so we’re going to continue and now we’re starting our rib stitch this row so we knit 1 purl 1 all the way around and we are going to be doing this for 4 rows and you can change it if you want a thicker band or a thinner band I prefer a thicker band but usually for roses perfect especially¬†with this weight of yarn and the needles were using and we’re back in focus it’s good thing and here is our band so this is what our band looks like it’s your typical rib stitch.

And now we’re going to start our hat pattern so we’re going to start by me using a stockinette stitch so our stockinette stitch is just knit across the odd rows this we’re counting as an odd row because it is row 5 technically it’s row 6 if you started with the knit row but I don’t count that row when I’m making something so this is an odd row and we are knitting it across and then when we have our even rows we will be purling across.

So you knit your odd rows and you purl your even rows and we’re going to be doing this over 6 rows or stitches and once we do that we’re going to flip it so for 4 rows so instead of knitting our odd rows we’re going to be pouring our odd rows and knitting our even oh so it’s still the same stitch same still stocking it, it’s just going to like to look different for us so for row four rows stuck you note with a pearl on the odds.

And six rows with these with a knit on the odds so knit one row purl the other row force across six rows and then reverse that so purl the odd rows and knit the odd rows knit the even rows for four rows that’s a lot but I will have a pattern described in the description bar a written out pattern a link to it on my blog that you can check out and I will probably post on Ravelry too.

I’m trying really hard to actually stay active on that because I know a lot of people use it but I always think it’s alright sorry so we are just going to keep on knitting this knit knit knit knit across so yes it’s a stockinette stitch and it’s just how we change it oh and this is when my yarn at team golden I was very upset so here we are actually starting our Perl for the first row.

Our first stockinette with the Perl so we’re going to purl each stitch across now and then we’re going to knit the next row and we’re gonna keep doing that for upon four rows and then we’re gonna go back to our original so there will be two rows where you do the same stitch does that make sense so you knit purl knit purl knit purl and then you purl again I think it makes sense.

But I will have everything right in once again in a pattern because I know what kind of sounds confusing sorry about that I’m really trying to not be confused I promise you all right so here I am I’ve worked on the Hat for a few rows now we’ve gotten some distance I’m fixing the lighting situation with this oh it is so tough to get the perfect lighting and even this isn’t perfect, but so now you can see what it actually looks like with our pattern so you see how it have like different textures also on the backside.

it’s reversed so we actually have that same effect so it’s kind of inside-out I’m not really sure if that’s true yes but I also changed my nail color now I’m more holiday festive I’m still fixing my lights my settings and I zoomed you in so you can see what it looks like now that we’ve gotten a couple rows this is a pearled first row or stockinette starting with a pearl.

That’s why I chose to do this flat actually because if you work in the round then you have to change more your stitches are different because when you work in the round you are your stockinette stitch is just knitting I’m not you know what I’m not gonna confuse you guys so don’t worry I feel like I already have confused you I apologize so let’s just keep meaning

So once you achieve the height that you want for the Hat – probably too long for me but I like slouchy hats so the slug here you want it the longer you want to make it are the many more rows you want to make it so I have my tapestry needle and we are going to sew our sides together besides to you so it’s the right thing yeah we’re gonna sew the ends together so each end oh gosh yes I’m just sewing it down and because the Hat is reversible.

You don’t really have to pick a side I picked a side but you don’t have to so now that we’ve sewn the sides we’re going to sew the top so I so I kind of pinch it in the middle and then I bring the other sides into the middle and then I have these four mm clovers kind of like these four Leafs and I just so each of those together probably not the most efficient we hate to do this but yes and then once I saw one of those I kind of weave my needle through back through the center just sew them back in the center.

I start knitting the next side so you seem kind of like the four corners and we make those three sew those together and once we’re done with that we are done with our hats and we can gift it or we can wear it, oh yeah I hope you guys like this video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next time please make sure that you like comment share and subscribe and bye I love you guys happy holidays.

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